United we Pickleball.


We believe pickleball is more than just game. It's a loving community where high fives outnumber arguments, where gracious cheers replace gloating shouts, and where every player, from beginner to pro, deserves a chance to shine.

That's why every Harrigan Sports product is crafted with quality and care, designed to elevate your game without compromising your values. From our performance-driven paddles to our stylish apparel, we equip you to not only play your best, but also play with
fairness and integrity.

On the court, we stand for:

  • Celebrating all skills
    Whether you're a master drop-shot artist or still mastering the dink, every point earned deserves applause.

  • Encouraging good calls 
    Let's be the champions of honesty, even when it means giving away a close point.

  • Lifting each other up
    A pat on the back after a tough miss goes a long way. We're all in this together, striving to raise the level of play with a positive spirit.

  • Keeping it fun
    At the end of the day, it's a game. Let's laugh, sweat, and leave our worries at the net.


Join us at Harrigan Sports, where winning means more than just the score. It means playing hard, playing fair, and playing with a heart full of kindness. Let's build a pickleball community where everyone feels welcome, challenged, and inspired to be their best selves, one game at a time.