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Control Paddles For Better Dinks & Resets

For players that prioritize finess over power. For players that like to slice and dice on there shots. For players that like to out dink their opponents and beat with brains over bronze.

Thick Soft Paddles

Harrigan 20mm Paddles are thicker than traditional 16mm or 14mm paddles. The biggest differnece is the touch and feel around the kitchen. Where it lacks in power (not much) it makes up for in shot placement.

20mm vs 16mm Paddles

Choosing a 20mm control pickleball paddle over a 16mm option can significantly enhance your game, especially if you prioritize precision and control. The thicker 20mm core offers improved stability and vibration dampening upon impact, which can lead to more accurate shots and better ball placement. This increased thickness generally results in a larger sweet spot, making it easier to execute a variety of shots with consistency. While the 16mm paddle might offer a bit more power and speed due to its lighter and thinner design, the 20mm paddle caters to players looking to finesse their game, providing the necessary control to outmaneuver opponents with strategic placement and touch.